Long-Term Care

Long-Term-Care-Accountants-IndianapolisOur expertise in long-term care, when added to our tax and financial experience, allows us to help our business partners with all of their financial consulting needs. Medicare and Medicaid cost reports are complex and the regulations are always changing. Compliance and accuracy are crucial to uninterrupted and maximized reimbursements.

Our Long-Term Care Services include:

  • Medicaid and Medicare cost reports
  • Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement consulting
  • NSGO Relationships: Planning, transactions and follow-through
  • Rate appeals and audit assistance
  • Updates on changes in reimbursement rules and ways to manage the changes to maximize profitability
  • Mid-year Medicaid rate projections and recommendations on ways to improve rates
  • “What if” analysis to determine reimbursement, tax and financial impact of decisions
  • Acquisitions and sales of facilities and businesses
  • Budgeting and projections
  • Monthly financial statement preparation assistance & training
  • Business tax planning
  • Business income tax return preparation
  • Assistance with financing
  • Implementation of retirement plans