Medicare & Medicaid Reporting and Reimbursement

Medicaid Reporting | Medicare Reporting | ReimbursementAs the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the demand for understanding the Medicare and Medicaid reporting complexities has increased. Our experience in Long-Term Care has enabled us to carve out a statewide reputation for our expertise in Medicare and Medicaid reporting and reimbursement.

Medicare and Medicaid cost reports are increasingly complex and their accuracy and compliance are crucial to uninterrupted and maximized reimbursements. From cost reporting to strategic planning, our goal is to help you make informed decisions based on the most current information, rules and regulations.

Our Medicare and Medicaid Reporting and Reimbursement Services include:

  • Cost report preparation and analysis
  • Maximization of reimbursements
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating and implementing compliance programs
  • Development of methodology to estimate third-party settlement and contractual allowances
  • Operations reviews
  • Industry cost studies
  • Internal accounting control reports
  • Rate appeals and audit assistance
  • Internal control studies and evaluations
  • Mergers and acquisitions between healthcare providers
  • Third-party payers’ contract strategies
  • Negotiation of transactions
  • Business tax planning
  • Business income tax return preparation
  • Assistance with financing
  • Implementation of retirement plans